The Dawn Age

0001 ~ Pyrn coils up and becomes the foundation on which the other gods build the world. Sun pursues Moon and begins keeping time, the first day.

0001 ~ The elder gods conceive the Plan of the World and build the land, sea and sky.

0007 ~ Vesta and Ninandi create plants, trees, flowers and herbivores.

0101 ~ The elder gods create humans. The first generations are nomadic gatherers in a garden paradise.

0300 ~ Lanru creates tigers and all things that hunt. Conflict and competition sweep the world and rule it still.

0350 ~ Kruss begets Craven and creates fear to protect mortals from the dangers in the world.

0350 ~ Lanru persuades Valdame to create sharks and sea monsters.

0400 ~ Humans are at the mercy of predators, so Caetar gives fire to mankind and teaches them to fashion spears and bows.

0500 ~ Women pray to Vesta to control their own fertility and Vesta usually complies. In response to the dangers now in the world women ask for more and more children. The human population grows.

0700 ~ Humans invent pottery.

0900 ~ The gods are surprised when the world brings forth dwarves and gnomes.

1000 ~ Astra Miranda and Sister Moon defect from the Plan of the World and conspire to create the Fey.

1100 ~ Ephistea begets Quo.

1200 ~ Humans show the dwarves fire. Dwarves discover ways to forge and work soft metals, including copper, silver and gold. They trade with humans and teach them these skills. Caetar adopts this aspect and becomes known as the Smith of the Gods.

1400 ~ Drawn by the call of human passions, the Fey drifts closer to the material world until they touch. Wild magic and Fey begin crossing over.

1500 ~ Human numbers have grown from tens of thousands into millions, disrupting the balance of nature. Nomadic tribes strip the land bare and move on. Vesta and Ninandi conceive agriculture and teach man to sow and reap. The first small, permanent settlements grow at the heart of the world.

1600 ~ The first orcs and goblins appear in the world, the incarnation of human fears and hatred.

1800 ~ Protected by weapons and fire, fed by grains and newly domesticated animals, human number keep growing. Vesta is reluctant to deny womens’ prayers for more children, but something must be done. Debate rages on the Sacred Isles until finally Kyrios begets Vyx and Gorgoth to cull human numbers. Vesta and Ninandi are horrified, but Lanru, Valdame and even Sun support Kyrios and his children.

2000 ~ Faries who were most enamored of the world and never returned to the Fey become more and more like mortals: the first elves.

2100 ~ Plagued by Vyx and decimated by the wars of Gorgoth, women ask for even more children to replace those killed. Even famines do not have the intended effect. The population grows, but slowly.

2200 ~ Humans invent beer.

The Golden Age

2363 ~ Humans found Aruk, the first city.

2400 ~ The people of Aruk invent the first writing system using clay tablets.

2600 ~ Twelve human cities form a trade network that includes elves and the dwarven clanhomes.

2700 ~ Troubled by the cruelty men visit on each other, Ephistea begets Judicia and Diolanthia. They too are rejected by gods and men.

3000 ~ Orcs and other monsters form their own tribes and become a persistent threat.

3200 ~ Caetar assumes the aspect of God of Soldiers to oppose the wild depredations of Gorgoth. Caetar’s followers fight to defend their homes rather than for plunder and ambition. The most loyal form the Caetari.

3500 ~ Kyrios walks among men, charming them in great numbers and drawing their worship.

The Imperial Age

3815 ~ Kyrios takes the name Arrakyn and declares himself emperor with his throne in Aruk. His forces quickly dominate the world of men.

4000 ~ Arrakyn turns the most greedy, dominant bullies in his court into Giants, creating a new race. They enforce the God-Emperor’s will with brutal efficiency.

4100 ~ Estimate of the earliest construction by the Builders of Gelsiah. Human stonework rivals the best of the dwarves.

4300 ~ Pyrn creates the metallic dragons and Kobalds to counter the fearful might of the giants. For a while they give hope to oppressed masses of humans.

4500 ~ Arrakyn corrupts some dragons with greed. They become the chromatic dragons.

5007 ~ The Godslayer War. Arrakyn is overthrown and flees to the far south.

The Age of Discord

5008 ~ Arrakyn hides in the wilds of Koth, gathering support.

5207 ~ Kruss frees Gorgoth, who joins his father in Koth.

5250 ~ Arrakyn unleashes The Great Lie on mankind.

5270 ~ Arrakyn builds the adamant stronghold of Gurodruin.

5512 ~ Elves found their first citadel at Anneth Tarryn.

5890 ~ The First War of Resurgence. Kyrios leads an army from Koth.

5900 ~ Fueled by The Great Lie, human conflict intensifies, eventually becoming a mass genocide.

The Sundered Age

5980 ~ The World-Wyrm moves and refashions the world, creating the Nightmare Mountains, the Sundering Sea and the Rift Sea. Terrible earthquakes and tsunamis damage or destroy almost every man-made structure.

6000 ~ The races of man consolidate their power in various pockets of land created by mountain and sea. Racial strife continues and millions more are killed.

6100 ~ The clans of the Faraway Brothers rebuild their towns and small cities in the northeast. Competition for good land after the cataclysm leads to violence.

6172 ~ The Founding of Felleg’Avin. Vincseya intercedes to bring peace to the clans of the Faraway Brothers.

6200 ~ Arukites gain power along the central western shore of the Sundering Sea. Intense racism leads them to trace ancestry only along the mother’s line, leading to eventual matriarchy in Estaria.

6300 ~ The Legend of Sur

6572 ~ Formal dedication of Felleg’Avin, now surrounded by walls and grown to a proper city. By treaty she would be ruled by The Chamber of Five.

6750 ~ Hoping to avoid the failings of mankind, Diolanthia and Ninandi create hobbits, who are not affected by The Great Lie.

6872 ~ The Redistribution of trading rights in Felleg’Avin settles several long-standing disputes and secures the power of the five noble houses.

7227 ~ Over 400 matriarchs swear to uphold the Great Compact, founding the monarchy of Estaria. The children of Demia become the first Royal Family and crown Kathrine the first Queen.

7500 ~ The population of Felleg’Avin proper reaches 500,000 people, making it the largest and most diverse city in the world. Its walls now reach a dozen miles or more in every direction. Its aqueducts water the entire region, some are over 100 miles long.

7700 ~ Last known construction of the Builders of Gelsiah: the Whispering Wall in the dyer’s market in Felleg’Avin.

8200 ~ Suram prospers with the blessings of Kyrios and it’s treasuries brim with gold.

8209 ~ Vyx brings a crushing famine down on Suram.

8219 ~ In Suram, wealthy clerics ignore the cries of the poor. Valdame smites their temples to punish their vanity. The people revolt and crown Jasthos king.

8223 ~ The tyrant King Jasthos makes a pact with Kyrios. The Second War of Resurgence.

8237 ~ King Jasthos is beheaded. The exiled clerics of Valdame return to rule Suram.

8500 ~ Felleg’Avin has grown to a sprawling metropolis of about 1 million people.

9192 ~ Abraxas Dwarvesbane lays waste to Hammerfall, scattering the survivors throughout the world and leaving the blighted land uninhabitable.

9233 ~ Stark Fellhammer leads a handful of his kin to retake the dwarven forge at Outermost.

9240 ~ Beatrice in the line of Isolda is crowned queen of Estaria. She is only seventeen.

9243 ~ The present day.


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