The queen of Estaria is served by the Queensworn, an elite order of rangers who act as her eyes and ears and personal guard. Men and women may serve, but only Arukite citizens can take the oath.

Each Queensworn gets a brightly colored tattoo of the Estarian royal seal on the back of the right hand. Cutting off the right hand is the punishment for breaking the Queen’s oath, either through open treason or by failing to protect her.

The Queensworn typically serve the queen until she dies. One may choose to leave the Queen’s service, blotting out the tattoo with a black shield, but this is considered a mild dishonor. Women must leave service if they become pregnant, the mother’s duty to her child being greater than her duty to the queen. If the queen steps down her most of her Queensworn go with her and the new queen will select new men and women to serve as Queensworn. A few older veterans remain to train the new blood and ease the transition.

At public gatherings, the queen will have one to three pairs of Queensworn bodyguards in bright, highly polished, gilt and engraved plate armor. Their only duty is to put their bodies between the queen and harm and escort her to safety. Unseen, a dozen or more Queensworn will be looking for danger and will pursue and neutralize any threats.

The total number in the order vary from one hundred to over one thousand if the monarch is particularly paranoid.


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