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The Gods

ReligionPantheonAstra Miranda , Caetar , Craven , Diolanthia , Ephistea , Gorgoth , Judicia , Kruss , Kyrios , Lanru , Malice , Moon , Ninandi , Pyrn , Quo , Sun , Valdame , Vesta , Vincseya, Vyx,

The World

The Dawn Age, Dwarves , Fey , First Days , Giants , Godslayer War , Monsters , Mortals , Plan of the World , Timeline


Countries and Domains

Estaria , Gallis , Koth , Menios , Suram , Tarkoom

Cities, Towns, and Strongholds

Aruk , Anneth Tarryn , Freetown, Felleg’Avin, Hammerfall , Irongate , Isenheim , Winterhall

Regions, Governments, and Geography

Nightmare Mountains , Sacred Isles, Faraway Brothers, The Five Houses, Noble House of Alesha, Noble House of Bloodwick, Noble House of Eghal, Noble House of Fairbourne, Noble House of Riston


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Main Page

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