Godslayer War

After a twelve hundred years of servitude, mankind finally rose up against the cruelty and dominion of Emperor Arrakyn, emboldened by the support of the Elder Gods and several great heroes and demigods.

The war raged for six months over what became known as “The Long Summer” and culminated in an epic battle at the very heart of the world. Most of Arrakyn’s supporters were slain and the god himself was nearly subdued and captured. He fled to Koth in the distant south to rebuild his strength and plot his revenge.

Mankind had rebelled against Arrakyn for centuries without much success. Giants put down each rebellion with swift brutality and men simply could not match their strength.

The other Elder Gods were unhappy with this state of affairs but slow to move. Pyrn eventually created dragons to defend mankind and counter the might of the Arrakyn’s giants and many brutal battles were fought. To this day giants and dragons remain mortal foes. Dragons were so successful, Kyrios bent all his will into corrupting as many as he could with greed. With the new threat of evil chromatic dragons the situation returned to stalemate for another five hundred years.

Finally men would take no more and open rebellion blossomed all across the world. The gods knew they needed to act before mankind was destroyed in the conflict.

Though all of the Elder Gods agreed to overthrow Kyrios, most of them could only aid from a distance. (Imagine the destruction if Sun descended onto the battlefield!) Only Caetar, Lanru, and Malice joined they fray directly. A great many heroes, demi-gods, dwarves and elves fought the God-Emperor too.

But the armies of the God-Emperor were vast and strong, emboldened by Gorgoth and disciplined by hosts of cruel giants. Evil dragons supported them from the skies and for the first time armies of orcs joined the battle enticed by Gorgoth’s promises of mayhem and plunder.

Dwarves gathered in three great armies to resist the orcs in the first and greatest of the many wars between them. Many great dragons fought on both sides and losses were severe. In the end the orcs were overwhelmed and utterly destroyed. It would be centuries before they had the numbers to make war again, but when that day came they sought revenge on the dwarven clanhomes.

Malice fought many bloody battles. She clashed with Gorgoth hand to hand on a plain of death unlike any seen before or since. The god of destruction could not withstand her wrath and was broken and thrown down. Humbled, Gorgoth was taken far north and remained under the watchful eye of Kruss.

Meanwhile Caetar told his fellow gods, “I will slay Kyrios if I can, but he is of our ken, one of the prime powers of the world who precede its creation. If he cannot be destroyed I will bear him down and bind him. See! in the elemental fires of the Sacred Isles have I forged chains which even the Trickster will not escape.”

After his spies told him of this, Kyrios refused to fight Caetar face to face and kept falling back, leaving minions to cover his retreat. Finally Caetar stood without the walls of Aruk, thinking he had Kyrios trapped within.

But the god of trickery always has another trick up his sleeve. Arrakyn had slipped out of the city disguised as a serpent.

Now Giants respect only strength. Once the giants realized they had been abandoned in Aruk they surrendered en masse, and the God-Emperor’s remaining armies simply fell apart.

Lanru hunted Kyrios to the uttermost South, but could not overcome him alone. With little time left in the year, Ninandi finally insisted that Lanru return to the Sacred Isles so autumn could descend and men could harvest. Thus ended what men called “The Long Summer”.

Meanwhile, the other gods tried to manage the chaos left by Arrakyn’s collapsing empire. Giants pledged fealty to the various gods and their power was dispersed. Metallic dragons were given remote lairs from which they might guard the cities of men and the remaining chromatic dragons were driven off into even more remote corners of the world.

The destruction caused by the war was terrific. It left scars on the culture of men and dwarves and even in the minds of the gods which will never be erased.

Godslayer War

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