God-Emperor of Koth

Kyrios, also known as Arrakyn the Cruel, supreme tyrant of the south, and the bloody God-Emperor of Koth is the god of greed and domination.

He is one of the elder gods, father of Gorgoth the god of destruction and Vyx, goddess of famine and disease. Since the First Days he has lusted for power, conniving for any advantage over his peers.

After his schemes among the gods failed time and again he struck out on his own and determined to rule the fate of men. For hundreds of years he ruled most of mankind with cruel tyranny, until his subjects united against him in the Godslayer War.

Defeated and exiled to the remote south, he crafted The Great Lie to sow division in the world of men. It worked flawlessly.


Alignment: Lawful Evil
Domain: Trickery
Location: The Forbidden City in Koth
Religion/Followers: Anyone with ambition or the will to dominate others.
Symbol: An upraised mailed fist on a red background.

God-Emperor of Koth

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