In the early days of the world, God-Emperor of Koth attracted greedy and power-hungry men to his service. The most greedy and ambitious became his enforcers, and he turned them into giants to better enforce his will.

Emperor Arrakyn established the Ordning , an absolute pecking-order all giants observe even to this day. Each giant knows exactly where he stands and must defer to giants above him in the Ordning.

With an array of giants before him, few mortals dared question Arrakyn. But when the Godslayer War finally came and the God-Emperor was revealed to be weak among the gods, the giants (who revile weakness) abandoned Arrakyn, which greatly hastened his defeat.

Most giants pledged themselves to other gods and took on the likeness of the god they served: those who followed Kruss became the frost giants and Valdame’s host became the storm giants. The stone giants are dedicated to seeking Ephistea, though she remains elusive and does not favor giants over any other mortals. Cloud giants were adopted by Astra , whose efforts to teach those giants to do good met with limited success. Many giants worshipped Sun and he made them fire giants and was able to teach them honor but not kindness. (Some fire giants later turned to Kyrios and dedicated themselves wholly to war.) Those who struck out on their own became the hill giants, who without the guidance of a great leader degenerated and came to value only raw strength.


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