Caetar is the elder god of valor and soldiers. He and Kyrios have never gotten along. Their animosity towards each other culminated during the Godslayer War, when Caetar sided with mankind.

Caetar lives on the Sacred Isles and he serves as a blacksmith of the gods. Caetar fathered Vincseya, Goddess of Rivers. Valdame the Goddess of the Sea and Storms is his wife.

Caetar is not a blood soaked battle frenzied War God. Rather, Caetar recognizes that War is part of the way of the world. Caetar rewards those who face war with courage and honor. The rewards of Caetar take different forms and can include aid on the battlefield, healing afterward, as well as glory and fame and sometimes items created from Caetar’s sacred forge.

Caetar is widely followed by mankind throughout the world. As god of war and a master smith, he is also revered by many Dwarves. There are temples and shrines dedicated to him throughout the world.

Those seeking the favor of Caetar are encouraged to leave offerings of weapons, armor or other items acquired honorably on the battlefield from their defeated foes.

Alignment: Lawful Good
Domain: War
Description: Caetar assumes a male human like form. He is portrayed with long hair, a handsome visage, and a sturdy frame. He is often represented as a smith at his sacred forge or as a warrior with shining armor and many different weapons including a sword, a javelin, a mace, a spear, and a bow. Sometimes he is depicted with a forge hammer in one hand and a weapon in the other.
Location: Sacred Isles Caetar lives on the Sacred Isles where he has a palace and his sacred forge.
Religion/Followers: Ceatari: The followers of Caetar are known as Caetari. There are many temples and shrines dedicated to Ceatar throughout the kingdoms of mankind and the Dwarves.
Opposing Deities: Kyrios
Symbol: A horn of victory with a forge hammer engraved upon it.


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