Astra Miranda

Framed in the flickering fire-glow, the old man unfurled this tale:

There she is! Astra Miranda — The Morning Star. Her beauty cleaves my heart from across thousand leagues: over land and sea, past the shores of the Sacred Isles. Atop the holy mountain she glories and welcomes home her children, the countless stars. Each night she sends them forth to watch o’re us, or else bearing some urgent message for the gods, trailing fire in their flight.

Sister of the Moon is she, sacred to the Elves is she. Cold and lovely and distant, she keeps her own counsel.

Alignment: Lawful Good
Domain: Light, Knowledge
Description: A young woman of perfect beauty, made of pure white light. Mortals who see her directly might die or go mad from her beauty.
Location: Sacred Isles, morning sky
Religion/Followers: Scholars, young women, messengers
Symbol: White starburst

Astra Miranda

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