Grand Temple of Caetan

The Grand Temple of Caetan is located within the confines of the city state Felleg’Avin though it predates the city state. The Grand Temple of Caetan was built by the followers of Caetan. It currently serves as a place of worship, monastery, and as the administrative headquarters of the Ceatari religion.

The Temple includes the Trophy Hall where the offerings of ceatari followers are displayed. The Trophy Hall includes some of the finest examples of weapons and armor from all ages of the World.

The Temple has a forge which is modeled after the sacred forge of Caetan that is located in the Sacred Isles This forge is for worship and reflection only though there are working forges adjacent to the Temple where monks and favored worshippers are allowed to work.

The Temple has an arena where voluntary gladiatorial combat takes place, though it is not carried out to the death. The focus is on practicing the ideals of facing combat with courage and honor and honing fighting skills.

Grand Temple of Caetan

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