The Dioceses of the Caetari Religion

The 5 dioceses of the Caetari religion are:
Herz (Feleg A Vin)
Forja (Estaria)
Silvalin (Menios) 
Truncum (Skyfrost)
Malleo (Tarkoom)

General Dioceses Structure
Except as noted below, each dioceses has a great temple which is the administrative seat of the dioceses. It is led by a Bishop who is in the leader of the dioceses. The dioceses is meant to be self-sufficient providing its own food, smithy that makes weapons and armor, security, scholars, political support, maintenance which builds and maintains the capital structures of the dioceses.

Each dioceses has a  group of Cardinals responsible for the following activities:
Agriculture (food and ales), Smithy (weapons and armor for internal use as well as for external sale or support of just wars.) Security (local Redguard organization), Political branch (monitors local politics and represents the Caetari with local political organizations) Scholar (local and world lore and history), Maintenance. Each dioceses has a branch of the Vanguard, but the Vanguard remains independent of the local dioceses. The dioceses is expected to be very accommodating to the needs of the the Vanguard.  

The Herz diocese is based in the Grand Temple of Caetar in Feleg’Avin. It the home of the Arch Bishop and the council of 5 which lead the Caetari religion. The headquarters of the Vanguard is found here as well as the Vanguard training facilities. There is a great forge here.

The Forja diocese seat is lcoated in Estaria. It is also the home of the Caetar University which trains religious, lore, and magic users.

In the mountains in the Southeast of Menios there was an ancient branch of the Caetaris known as the Silvalin. The Silvalin monastery was founded as the original school to train martial priests before the Vanguard was created. The Silvalin provided their own security and did not have a branch of the Redguard. The Silvalin have lost connection with the main branch of the religion. Their fate is unknown at this time.

The Truncum diocese seat is in the Skyfrost mountains. Traditionally the Bishop of Truncum has always been a dwarf. There is a master smith program offered here.

The Malleo diocese seat is found in Tarkoom. The Redguard training facility is found here.  There is a Caetari Bard college here. It seeks to train Caetari in the bardic arts to inspire and
The Council of 6 is made up of the 4 Bishops from Forja, Silvalin, Truncum, and Malleo , the Champion of the Vanguard, and the Arch Bishop. Currently the Silvalin seat is empty. The council of used to meet every 5 years, but since the breaking of the world has made travel perilous the council has not met.

The Redguard are the internal security force of the Caetari. Their primary responsibility is the securing of all Ceatari facilities

The Vanguard serves as the active military force of the Caetari. Each dioceses has a Vanguard Captain who is repsonsible for leadership of the Vanguard present within that disoceses. The Vanguard sends Caetari priests out into the world to advance the principles of Caetar and reward and encourage those who follow those principles. Caetari priests are found across all battlefields, encouraging warriors to wage war with courage and honor. Caetari priests are taught to be living examples of these values and to lead by example inspiring and encouraging others to follow their lead. These values are represented by the 9 virtues.
The leader of the Vanguard is the Champion of Caetar. Currently that title is held by  Drasa Plaktukas 


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