Call to Arms

Way of the Jade Mantis, part 5

Jus ad Bellum

Bickering and suspicious, the Silvalin and Jade Mantis travel together toward their ancestral monastery. At the edge of Menios’ occupied grazing land they encounter a herd of megali: huge, aggressive elk-like herbavores. Everyone agrees the herd must be turned back before they endanger life and property, the two sides fight together to protect Menios once more.

The grazing lands give way to scrub and then the fabled bamboo forest of Menios. The Jade Mantis feel at home here but the other monks are on edge. As they travel the group is harassed by kenku who use mimicry to lure individuals away from the group so they can be ambushed. The Jade Mantis are wise to these tricks and caution Anselmo and his friends to stay close and ignore everything they hear unless they can see the speaker.

A few days later the monks climb into the foothills of the Range of Broken Dreams. Soon there will be a reckoning.



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