King Harragan the Mineborn

5’ 200lbs White Haired, Emerald Eyed, Blue skinned Sheened with Mithril


Borned of the Great Mine itself, King Harragan is unique among the Eiszwerge for his very skin is imbued with the strength and glory of Isenhiem itself!

Young Harragan proved his might in many epic battles as his mithril like skin could withstand even the strong axes of the frost giants! Yet as great a warrior as Harragan was, his mind proved yet the greater. The ingenuous traps and defenses he devised saved many Eiszwerge lives.

Therefore, when the old King under the mountain at last met with Kruss, all of Isenhime gladly chose Harragan the Mineborn to succeed him. And he has ruled wisely for many years now to the peace and prosperity of his people and there allies.

However for many months now all commerce and communication with Isenhime has been lost, and no messengers have returned. With winter nearly here, there is time for just one more attempt to reach them, but the way will be fraught with dangers and peril. Great fame and riches await those who succeed, but only a cold meeting with Kruss awaits those who fail.

Are there any souls brave and strong enough to take up the icy journey to Isenhime and learn the fate of the Eiszwerge?

King Harragan the Mineborn

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