Call to Arms

Way of the Jade Mantis, part 1

Across the Sundering Sea

Having secured the spell Dorn needs to save Hammerfall, The group agrees to go to Menios to secure the head of the legendary hydra said to live there. Anselmo is anxious to complete his mission for the Caetari too and make contact with the lost monks of Silvalin.

Their journey back to Queensport is peaceful, but they have difficulty finding a ship bound for Menios. A lucky meeting with their friend Captain Bosmun provides an option, but he warns Sova his new ship, the Dubious, is being used to smuggle goods into Menios. Bosmun doesn’t want to involve the high lady in any unsavory deeds, but the patron of the voyage does want to hire security to protect their cargo. Eventually they agree to get free passage both ways in return for protecting the mysterious cargo.

After a week at sea the Dubious is sailing the deeps of the Sundering Sea, far from any sight of land, when a monstrous sea serpent attacks the small sailing ship. Over 150 feet long, it coils around the vessel and begins to crush it as captain and crew rally to attack it.

Anselmo blesses himself, his friends and several crew to let them walk on water and the battle spills over the sides of the ship onto the sea. Several crew are killed and many stunned when the serpent’s body shocks them with a powerful surge of electricity. It bites a sailor in half and swallows Dorn whole! The dwarf manages to cut himself free as the creature dies. He secures another reagent for the ten’en winya n’dor.

The ship is saved but damaged and taking on water. A third of the crew is dead and they still have several hard days at sea before they sight land.



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