Call to Arms

The Brotherhood of Dwarves, Part 9


Dorn, Stark Fellhammer, Anselmo, Sova and Kendal are trapped in the forge room which is filling with smoke from the burning barrels outside in the corridor. The dragon taunts them, and Dorn taunts her right back. Enraged she has her kobalds douse the burning barrels and swarm into the forge.

Sova and Dorn hold the doorway. Stark struggles using a greatsword and has no armor but fights bravely. Anselmo is the first to feel the dragon’s terrible breath. He staggers but returns to help Kendal deal with the kobalds who are swarming into the room despite a pile of bodies growing around Sova and Dorn’s feet.

Aesilvyr is just outside the doors now, blocked by Dorn’s mighty hammer and Sova’s flashing blade. She sends another bolt of lightning which catches Kendal and Dorn. Already battered by kobalds and the dragon’s claws, Dorn falls.

But the Aesilvyr is desperate and near death. She flees with Sova in pursuit. The pride of Tyron withstands the blasting wind of the dragon’s wings and closes for the kill. It ends quickly. The dragon is slain.

Stark lays hands on Dorn and brings him back from the brink. The remaining kobalds flee.

They make their way to the market hall. Dorn stands at the wide gallery window and blows the horn of Caetar to announce their victory and call home the fleeing Fellhammers!



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