Call to Arms

High Summer, Part 1

In which nothing much happens

Dorngal the jeweler stays semi-sober long enough to craft beautiful amulets out of the dragon’s scales an presents one to Sova, Anselmo and Kendal. The engraved runes mark them as dwarf-friends.

Anselmo and Stark have a good-hearted debate about Caetar and Judicea and Stark’s religious conversion. “What is a soldier for, if not to protect those who do not fight?”

As a parting gift, Stark gives Anselmo the Fellhamer’s ancient book of Caetari ritual. It is priceless and possibly unique. He asks to keep it safe at the temple in Felleg’Avin, and Anselmo promises to have several copies made by the scribes there to preserve this piece of dwarven culture. The heroes say goodbye and set out for Felleg’Avin via Stonerim.



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