Call to Arms

Crossroads, part 2


Kendal finds Otter and the girls in the Purge camp and tells them she is looking for a fugitive lady of noble birth who fled Felleg’Avin after murdering her brother Raven and cousin Ellesh. Kendal is investigating the crime as a member of the Adepts.

Kendal is fascinated by Otter and delighted to meet a gnome in person, but Otter puts her off, no wanting to share too much about his past or the things he can’t remember.

Dorn, Anders and Anselmo return. Anders is welcoming, hoping to learn what Kendal knows about Sova Tyron and the murders in Felleg’Avign. We learn Sova is Anders’ cousin.

Anselmo, perhaps sticking up for Anders’ absent cousin, makes Kendal feel unwelcome and she leaves them, striking out on her own at night from the Purge camp.

The next morning the group leaves for Glenmorrow, where the villagers are elated to have Sophie back. They refit the party and promise to find a place for Nessa and the others.

Setting out for Eghal the PCs are met by LooLaa who has news from the Faerie Queen. They believe the witch Folga made a pact with a powerful dark fey named Lilith the Shadow-weaver, who gave Folga the power to corrupt Hammerfall. The elves know a spell which could heal the land, and Dorn should seek out Aethelred Graymantle — the archmage of Anneth Tarryn — when Dorn has acquired more of the components for the spell and proved he is worthy and able to save Hammerfall.

The PC’s arrive in the logging town of Eghal, ancestral home of the Zollis and Tyron clans. Anselmo visits the Shrine of Caetar and makes an offering of the battle tokens he’s collected. Dorn asks the local smiths for news of the Fellhammers, but it has been many years since they have seen a dwarf. Anders visits the local mercenary hall and learns Kendal has arrived before them and is in the noble’s tower in the center of town.

They all go to the tower of the wizard Raphael Lonzo, but his servant Gervais informs them the master is not at home and may not be for a month or longer.

Anders visits the noble’s tower and arranges lunch with Kendal. They get along well and while Anders pleads Sova’s innocence Kendal is receptive. She reads Ellesh’s love letter to Sova and declares,

I need to know what happened. He wrote this for her and she killed him. The world can’t really be that … broken.



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