Call to Arms

Child of Malice, Part 6

Hate Rally

The PCs meet with Lord Glotton Tyron and the Champion of Caetar. They discuss plans for Rookhaven, the cult and Evard Zollis’ crimes.

The next day Sova escorts Evard back to one of her family’s gardens, when Titus Zollis (Evard’s father) calls his son to account for his treason. Evard owns his actions but begs Titus and Glotton not to send forces to Rookhaven. “It will be the ruin of the Zollis clan.” Titus executes Evard to appease Glotton. Harsh justice in Felleg’Avin.

Sova and her father speak about what comes next. The Chamber of Five may be asking Estaria for help, for they have some of the best rangers in the world and what the city needs most now is information about the enemy. Glotton gives Sova leave to fight if she must. He confesses she is the best suited of his heirs to lead their house when Glotton is gone.

The night of the cult meeting Anselmo brings 20 trusted guards of House Tyron and 20 Vanguard; they stay hidden in a nearby workshop. Over 1000 people show up to speak against the Dunsarro and House Fairbourne. There is no explicit mention of Malice, so Anselmo allows the meeting to break up pacefully. Anselmo and Sova (disguised) pretend to support these ideas and try to get invited to see Malebrant, but as newcomers they are just intrudiced to lower-level cult leaders. Instead Kendal (invisible) follows some initiates to a nearby merchant’s house and finds Malebrant and a mage waiting with about 15-20 followers. Kendal goes in and out undetected and reports back.

Outside, the PCs wait with 20 warriors and 20 clerics, ready to drop the hammer on the cult leadership.



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