Sova Tyron

Heir apparent to the Noble House of Eghal in Felleg’Avin.

Like her father (who married prominant woman from House Riston), Sova believes in building alliances between the Five Houses. She formed a close relationship with Ellesh Rustheart.

During one of their numerous clandestine meetings, Ellesh and Sova were ambushed by Ellesh’s cousin Raven Rustheart. Raven had been first line in House Bloodheart until Ellesh was born, so some think he acted out of jealousy and ambition, but his disdain for House Eghal was also well known. In any case, Raven had somehow acquired Sova’s dagger and taking them by surprised he stabbed Ellesh in the back with it. Raven had two unwitting accomplices who were supposed to arrive and attest that Sova had murdered Ellesh, but the accomplices were delayed by Ellesh’s trusted servant Finot who was keeping watch to be sure his master was not disturbed. Finot did not see the stabbing but knew Sova and Raven well enough to deduce the truth.

Raven also erred by underestimating Sova’s skill with the rapier. He hoped to duel and kill her, leaving himself the only living witness to the affair, but she slew Raven instead. This duel was seen by many witnesses, and the general opinion was that Sova had murdered Ellesh and killed Raven in the ensuing duel when her crime was discovered.

Sova was forced to flee Felleg’Avin and assumed a disguise and the name Anders Zollis. Raker The Boneless designed her fake identity and arranged for him/her to get out of the city as part of the Purge, a roughly annual muster of mercenaries, rogues and low-lifes aimed at ridding the countryside of a few monsters.

Finot went underground for over a month before his body was discovered in the sewers of Felleg’Avin.

Sova eventually returned to the city and cut a deal with House Bloodheart. They dropded the case against her and in return she would keep silent about Kalen Rustheart ignoring the express commands of The Chamber of Five regarding slavers in Dellenshire.

Sova Tyron

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