Plan of the World

Anyone with half his wits about him can see the world was built by committee. No dwarf in his right mind would design things this way.

In the First Days the elder gods gathered and conceived the Plan of the World, with sea to divide the land and sky above, with Sun and Moon to give us light, the stars to watch over us. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter would largely govern the world and its creatures and agreed to share their duties, hence the seasons.

These four set forth the plan for the mortal life of all plants and animals: fertility, birth, feasting, sleep and death. Originally Spring and Autumn decreed that plants would provide food for all animals and birds, who would then have all they need and be at peace. Their brother Summer felt Life should be challenging so that all creatures would be strong and swift, so he created tigers, lions, wolves and all things that hunt. They agreed that all creatures must come to Winter and eventually die, lest they grow in numbers and power and overthrow the gods or destroy the world.

Seeing the plan for mortal life and viewing it with favor, all the gods conspired to create a mortal people who might speak and think and apprehend the gods’ plan and worship them. And so humans came into the world, with each god making a mark on the race. Thus people are noble and wise, but also foolish and greedy, thoughtful and reckless, kind and unspeakably cruel.

And the elder gods built their homes on the Holy Mountain in the Sacred Isles and dwelt in the world. Such was their plan, to live in the world and govern it and its people, according to their whims.

Plan of the World

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