Noble house of Bloodwick

The Noble House of Bloodwick is one of the five ruling houses of Felleg’ Avin. The house name is a merging of the two most influential ciy names within the region to the East of Felleg’Avin, namely Bloodplain and Wickshir.

Bloodplain so named because of it’s flat terrain full of tanneries and slaughterhouses was in constant conflict with Wickshir a conglomeration of Dyers and Shepherds. During The Redistribution, the lands that would become House Bloodwick was granted dominion over the Wool, Livestock, Tanning and Dyeing industries. The two industries had been at an impasse for control of the region for many years until a ruthless leader Lucrezia Dyer changed that.

Lucrezia who was married to the leader of the Wickshirs, her first cousin Thom Dyer, was rumored to be having liaisons with the rival leader of the Bloodplains Sigur Guthmar. After Thom’s mysterious death, Lucrezia married Guthmar and for the first time the two most influential powers of the region were united. The two ruled in tandem securing power on both sides of the conflict using family ties and after the course of some ten years, any remaining resistance was snuffed out. Lucrezia and Sigir had a son Talor who learned first hand how to rule with an iron fist. When he came of age he assumed the control of the house from his mother who voluntarily surrendered it after the untimely death of her husband. The house had been called the Dyers when Lucrezia was still in charge, but the name was officially changed to Bloodwick by Talor who wanted to quash any ideas about one or the other of the families regaining control.

The House is currently under the control of the aging Bayard Rustheart who is now is the second longest tenured leader currently serving. His son Ellesh was to be the heir, but following his murder, that honor now falls to Kalen Rustheart. Rules of Succession for Bloodwick are patriarchal since Lucrezia’s abdictation.bloodwick.png

Noble house of Bloodwick

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