Geography: Menios occupies the southern half of the eastern continent, between the Sundering Sea and the Sacred Isles. Originally a flat plain, the breaking of the world caused the eastern side of the land to rise sharply. Today the whole country is tilted about 3 degrees, rising steadily from the western coast at sea level to the rugged Range of Broken Dreams in the east which reaches 10,000 feet before a sheer drop into the Godssea. The eastern cliffs form an impassible wall, though some sea caves shelter pirates and their ships.

Its northern border with Gallis runs along the Red River, named after red silt washed down from the mountains or the amount of blood spilled on its banks, depending on who you ask. Travel along or across the river is not allowed by either country, and any building bigger than a hut within a few miles of the river will be quickly attacked and destroyed. Each country has several fortified towers or keeps set back several miles and garrisoned to patrol the border.

Most of Menios is flat or very gently rolling prarie, some of the finest pastures in the world. The River Archon floods regularly, creating very fertile farmland in the south. In the southest wild grassland and savannah support herds of megali, an aggressive giant herbivore with antlers 12 feet across. Below the mountains grows the largest bamboo forest in the world, home to rare creatures which live nowhere else in the world. It stretches hundreds of miles before giving way to beech, walnut and elm up near Gallis.

People: Menios is governed via direct democracy, a gender-equal but deeply racist society. Yan rule and other races cannot vote or own property and have almost no legal protection. The people of Menios detest slavery however and will not even keep paid servants of other races.

Trade: Menios is wealthy, a major producer of wool, cheese and textiles. Committed to equality, each citizen receives “the citizen’s coin” monthly, paid by mercantile and port taxes. Poverty is unknown, at least for the Yan. There are no homeless in Menios, Yan are given simple but adequate homes, other races are not tolerated and are driven off. Many of those hapless people fall in with pirates or bandits living in the eastern hills.


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