The Fey can refer to a magical plane parallel to the material world or to the creatures that arise from it.

When the gods first fashioned the world, Astra Miranda, Sister Moon, and ??? (other gods) felt it was too ordered and too far removed from the primal magics, so they designed to create a realm of their own: the Fey. They populated it with a host of wondrous spirits and peoples. Many Fey are totally unique, though there are also some common themes.

Fey are immortal, magical and chaotic. Even those with material forms can usually change them at will. Likewise the plane they inhabit is an ever-changing dreamscape.

Humans often describe the Fey as ‘cold’, for their desires and passions are sometimes deep but usually lack the immediacy found in mortal creatures. Human passions fascinate the Fey, drawing them like moths to flame. This attraction is so strong it pulled the entire plane into contact with the material world, letting creatures cross from one to the other.

Fey must take on some corporal form in the world, becoming the dryads, nymphs, pixies, satyrs etc. known to legend. They dwell here to drink the passions of mortal men, which is why so many are drawn to sex, though some encourage man’s darker passions. Those Fey who tarry overlong in the world become Elves.


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