Estarian Royal Family

In Estaria, the family with the most living female citizens is deemed the Royal Family, and that family’s matriarchs choose the queen. The queen rules till death so they usually put their most capable young woman on the throne to ensure a long reign.

Ancestry is traced back 200 years via detailed, scrupulously maintained genealogies of the maternal lineage. An Estarian would introduce himself as “Klaudus in the line of Bethel,” reckoning back to that 200 year old woman and identifying the family he represents.

As years pass a family will often split into two or more families, because they must now trace their ancestry to the next most recent generation, the daughters of the previous family ancestor. When this happens to the Royal Family, a new Royal Family is determined, a new queen is chosen and the current queen steps down. This transition is predictable years in advance so it is usually smooth and uncontroversial. Many consider this predictable succession key to Estaria’s long term stability and strength.

The true genius of their system is you can’t go back and kill someone who’s been dead for over a hundred years.

- Loremaster Raphael Lonzo

Estarian Royal Family

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