Goddess of Truth, Ephistea (Eh-fiss-TAY-uh) is not well liked among the gods, who seek her out only when they need her. So she is content to conceal herself and wander in the world, generally walking unnoticed by mortals.

Ephistea carries with her the Book of Truth. Those who look in the book will see page after page of cyphers; only those passages which the reader is ready to understand and accept will be legible.

For a few hundred years Ephistea talked freely with all who sought her, but usually her suitors would turn on her, insult her and reject her advice. So she withdrew and became mysterious and elusive. Not willing to abandon the world, she begat Quo to lead true seekers to her wisdom. The Morning Star will sometimes find her out, but the only reliable way to find her is through the God of Questions.

After the founding of Aruk she mourned the path the world was taking and begat Peace and Justice to turn things around but alas, her children became as ignored and as elusive as their mother.

Alignment: Neutral Good
Domain: Knowledge
Description: Ephistea goes about in the world concealed in a heavy gray or brown cloak, for if mortals were to see her naked most would go insane. She carries with her a large blue tome.
Location: Unknown, even to the gods.
Religion/Followers: Very few.
Symbol: A blue book, lying open.


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