Ellesh and Sova

— The following letter was found in the personal effects of Ellesh Rustheart after his murder.

Dearest Sova,

Had I your courage I would surely shout these words from Guivarn’s Tower, and damn the world. But weak as I am and fettered by a family whom I love despite themselves, I write.

Had I your charm my words would not flee at the sight of you, and I would tell you everything. Instead you wait in patient silence while I master my tongue to stammer hello. And so I write.

Had I your beauty … we both know I would be insufferable and vain; ’tis for the best I was made plain.

As I pen these words the Moon looks down, her face full and bright as it was the eve we spent beside the Fountian of Lost Children, we alone taking notice of the water’s music as thousands passed by. Poets often say love is like a dream, but I swear by my name that I was never more awake than those sweet moments, suddenly full of hope and purpose, as though all my life till then had been the dream waiting for you, for my true life to begin.

Though the ache of parting is often hard to bear, I bear it gladly, the pain far better than the emptiness it replaced. The Moon’s light is shining on you now, so in that way at least we are together.

Do no think our case is hopeless, for Moon and Waters shape our destiny. Old hatreds are not stronger than stone, yet the rivers wind where they will. Even the sea bends to the Moon’s call, so our families will bend in time.

Till then, let kindness be our world, and gentleness the path we walk together. Let us trade in understanding, and when our passions o’er master us, may they be guided by the Moon and bent toward love.

Forever yours,


Ellesh and Sova

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