Dwarves are the True People of the world. Humans and hobbits inhabit the world, the Fey are merely visiting, but dwarves belong to this world and spring from it.

(Everything mentioned here applies equally to gnomes.)

Dwarves do not bear children like beasts do, in fact all dwarves are male. The world creates dwarves from time to time, that is simply he nature of the world.

There are twelve clans, each tied to and arising from a particular homeland. A new dwarf will awaken in the sacred clanhome; he will be naked, confused and alone, and will wander a while until the nearby clan finds him. Young but fully grown, he will already have a short beard and can fight immediately if need be. His clan brothers welcome him and teach him their language and customs while they help him discover his natural talents and hone his skills.

Dwarves of the same clan regard each other as brothers. Like brothers they often squabble but when threatened they stand together with unshakable solidarity. Dwarves of other clans are seen as cousins. All dwarves in the world are a single people and a single political unit even though they may have many kings or other leaders at any given time.

As such, dwarven society is egalitarian and communal, at least on a large scale. The idea of private property is limited to what you could keep in a small room or carry on your back. Within those limits though they are jealous and often greedy. Land ownership is totally foreign to dwarves, as is the idea that any living thing could own another. Bill the pony is an honored member of the company, not the wizard’s property.


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