Religion: Caetari
Deity: Caetar
Religion Leader:
Number of Followers:
Kingdoms/ Nations/ Regions/ Territories/ Cities of Influence: Support is widespread throughout the areas where Men and Dwarves live.
Major Religious Sites:
Grand Temple of Caetar

Religious Organization/ Practices:
The Caetari religion is led by an Arch Bishop headquartered at the Grand Temple of Caetar. From there things are broken up into 5 dioceses, each of which is led by a Bishop. Each dioceses has at least one forge where weapons and armor are created for internal use as well as for sale. Monks of the order man the forges, maintain the temples, and grow and harvest food to meet the needs of the monks.

The Caetari has its own security forces, known as the Redguard that protect Caetari facilities and people.

The Caetari religion also has a branch of warrior monks known as the Vanguard. The Vanguard sends Caetari priests out into the world to advance the principles of Caetar and reward and encourage those who follow those principles. Caetari priests are found across all battlefields, encouraging warriors to wage war with courage and honor. Caetari priests are taught to be living examples of these values and to lead by example inspiring and encouraging others to follow their lead.

Opposing Religions:
Active Conflicts:
Historical Conflicts: The Caetari supported Caetar against Kyrios in the Godslayer War. Caetari priests have been found on most battlefields, sometimes on both sides.


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