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  • Dwarves

    Dwarves are the True People of the world. Humans and hobbits inhabit the world, the Fey are merely visiting, but dwarves belong to this world and spring from it. (Everything mentioned here applies equally to gnomes.) Dwarves do not bear children …

  • clanhome

    One of the twelve sacred homelands of the dwarves. [[Hammerfall]] [[Irongate]] [[Isenheim]]

  • Icy Dwarhold

    Icy Dwarfhold is one of the twelve dwarven clanhomes. It is located in the Northeastern corner of the world in Isenheim.

  • Hammerfall

    Hammerfall is a dwarven stronghold and [[clanhome]] in the Forge Mountains. About 50 years ago an orc chief named [[Abraxas Dwarvesbane]] finally prevailed in a centuries-long conflict between his tribe of orcs and the dwarves of Hammerfall, unleashing …

  • Isenheim

    Far up in the frozen north dwell the Eiszwerge, the blue skinned, white haired frost dwarves of [[clanhome | Isenheim]]. The crystal fortress of Isenheim is truly a wonder to behold. Cleverly placed lenses and mirrors catch the sun and northern lights, …

  • Fellhammer

    A mithril warhammer forged by the dwarves of [[Hammerfall]], from which that clan takes its name. Nigh-unbreakable, a fellhammer is a rare, martial, *+1* magic weapon that can inflict *1d8+1* (versatile *1d10+1*) bludgeoning, slashing or piercing damage.

  • Forgesong

    _Dwarven culture is mostly oral tradition and a good bit of it is carried in_ forgesong, _simple tunes to be sung while working, often at a forge. Here is an example from Hammerfall._ Nine hundred years the Sun had shone When dwarf first woke and …

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