Call to Arms

The Brotherhood of Dwarves, Part 6


As the mountain draws near, Dorn, Sova, Kendal and Anselmo search in vain for a safe place to camp. Their sleep is disturbed by nearby wolves and other sounds, but they huddle up to a rockface and don’t light a fire, so nothing attacks them.

The next day Dorn recognizes a treacherous rockfall and they go around it, which takes them several hours out of their way.

Finally scaling the mountain trail, they are taken by surprise as a sabre-toothed cat pounces on Kendal. Dorn pulls her free and together they kill the beast.

As evening falls they enter a narrow pass with sheer 25-30 foot cliffs on either side. Goblins appear on the cliffs above them, firing down with bows while others block the way through the pass. Boxed in the heroes fight a desperate battle and are bloodied. Kendal blasts a path through with a lightning bolt, but even more goblins charge in.

A stranger appears, following their trail up the pass and into the ambush. He fires a storm of arrows with his longbow, picking off the goblins on the cliffs. Dorn and Kendal finally make it up the right hand cliff and sweep the remaining attackers.

The unknown archer beckons for them to follow him and they do. He takes them to a ledge about 30 feet wide with a steep, bracken-filled slope on one side and a rock overhang on the other. Five more strangers meet them there.

The archer defers to one of his waiting companions, a young Arukite woman who introduces herself as Rose in the line of Isolde. She and her companions are Queensworn, here at the request of The Chamber of Five to reconnoiter Rookhaven.

After some discussion and planning they decide to get in a long rest here on the ledge. In the morning the rangers will sneak up the ridge-line to get a good look at the enemy forces while Kendal and the others make a diversionary attack on an outpost guarding the road to Rookhaven. They will meet back at the ledge and swap intel before nightfall and hopefully slip away before the enemy mobilizes.



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