Call to Arms

The Brotherhood of Dwarves, Part 4


Dorn, Sova, Anselmo and Kendal press on and confront Grumlok – Orc War Chief of the White Skulls tribe. His banner is planted atop a small hill capped with a windmill and it’s clear the miller and his family are trapped inside the building while an ogre tries to smash through the door.

With no time to lose the heroes attack. Anselmo sounds the horn of Caetar and Dorn sends an arrow to knock down the orc banner.

The ogre leaves the windmill and charges Dorn but Kendal enchants the dwarf with haste and his fellhammer slays the ogre in three mighty blows.

A second ogre, ten orcs and the war chief close in and the battle is joined. Dorn cuts a swath through them, slays the second ogre and helps Sova take down the orc chieftan. Kendal and Anselmo take down the remaining orcs with lightning and holy light.

They free Miller Lane and his family and recover some treasure from the fallen orcs. The potion of healing and scroll of protection from undead they keep, giving the rest to the miller and people of Stonerim.

Copper necklace (25gp) , 5 sp, 300 cp



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