Call to Arms

The Brotherhood of Dwarves, Part 2


At the end of spring Dorn, Sova, Anselmo and Kendal set out for Outermost, following an old map Kendal found in the archives. First they head to the village of Stonerim on the frontier of Eghal lands.

Sova’s father investigated the fate of the Fellhammer dwarves who once served the Tyron family and found they left about 40 years ago for Fairborne. They moved around a lot and eventually settled in Stonerim.

There they meet Reeve Lorcan Bittali and his wife Netti, who host them on the Veranda at the Grape and Rye tavern. The Reeve shows Lady Sova every courtesy, as the village owes her family their fealty.

Over dinner Lorcan introduces them to Sturmfrek Fellhammer, who has been living with them in Stonerim for the last 20+ years. “Stormy” is overcome seeing his lost kinsman. Sturmfrek is the oldest surviving Fellhammer, Dorn the youngest.

Stormy tells them the 8 other dwarves led by Stark Fellhammer left Stonerim about 10 years ago to reclaim the forge at Outermost, hoping other clan members would already be there. They were supposed to send for Sturmfrek once things were settled, but he has heard nothing from them and fears the worst. Sturmfrek draws them a detailed map to Outermost.

Stonerim is about 2/3 Olivetti with some Arukites and Yan. Anselo looks for signs the bloody hand has been active here but finds none.

Lorcan mentions that Stonerim was expecting the Purge but it never made it this far, Sova explains how the Purge went north and was destroyed at Rookhaven. This is troubleing nws for Lorcan. He tells them about recent goblin sightings in the area and they agree to drive out any goblins before they leave for Outermost.



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