Call to Arms

The Brotherhood of Dwarves, Part 10


The Fellhammers return to Outermost or a raucous celebration. The dragon is dead and her kobalds have fled.

The dwarves gladly bestow any treasures the heroes might be able to use, returning the remainder to their secret vaults. The dragon is beheaded and dropped from the gallery window to the bottom of the cliff. Kendal keeps some of its blood “for research.” Dorn keeps a few scales, which he asks Dorgal the jeweler to work into something proper.

The dwarves are divided over what to do next. Some want to return to Stonerim or Felleg’Avin, but Balok the smith wants to stay with a proper forge in Outermost. Dorn and his friends agree and offer to send mercenaries from Felleg’Avin to help defend Outermost. Properly manned, it could be a knife in the back of the orc host gathered at Rookhaven.

Balok also tells Dorn the legend of Ragnaboken: the rainbow hammer of Hammerfall, said to make anyone who holds it invulnerable. If any magic in this world can protect Dorn from the death wind which destroyed their home, this would be it. the hammer was lost at the Breaking of the World when chief Thelgar Fellhammer and a thousand of his kin were crushed in a collapsing fortress. Orcs looted it and carried it who knows where. Kendal offers to research.



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