Call to Arms

The Bloody Hand, part 5

Shield of Valor

Following the battle with the bugbear, Anselmo is hit with a powerful vision.

You are a young boy again, watching your hero, the Champion of Caetar, work at a familiar altar. The alter is light gray stone, triangular, with tall pylons at the corners. He seems to be forging something on the alter, shaping it with a large, simple hammer.

He notices you and nods. “Go on.”

You try to lift another hammer lying against the alter. “It’s heavy!”

He smiles and replies, “you are strong enough. Try again.”

And so you join him in shaping the metal on the forge. You wonder what it will become.

“This is the Shield of Valor,” he explains.

Wiping the sweat pouring from your brow you ask, “when will it be finished?”

Still hammering, he answers, “you will spend your whole life forging it. You must carry the hammer till you take your last breath. Do not despair. I would not have called you if you were not able. And who knows better than you the terrible cost if the Shield of Valor fails?”

His hammer strikes a shower of sparks and suddenly you are in your village, where raging flames mingle with cries of terror. A girl from your village lies dying at your feet. You look closer, and realize she is the Dunsaro girl, Ennis

He breaks from his vision to hear Sophie screaming. The PC’s rush to save the Olivetti girls and slay the 6 orcs attacking them, but one of the girls is killed.

After they bury her and have a short rest, they insist Nessa and the remaining 6 girls follow them back into the stronghold. Seeing no safer alternative, Nessa concedes.

The group quick finishes exploring the stronghold. They find the lair of the orcs and bugbear, but no monsters remain. They load up the treasure they found and prepare to return to Purge base camp.



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