Call to Arms

The Bloody Hand, part 3

Eye of the Basilisk

Ennis, the Dunsaro girl who was nearly sacrificed in the pit, leads the PCs to the cells where the other prisoners are kept. They free 21 more Dunsaro captives, mostly old men and young women. On the way they kill 3 orcs, the first orcs they have seen inside the stronghold. The captives were all kidnapped in orc raids within about 30 miles of the stronghold.

The captives go upstairs to scrounge up food and water for the journey home, while the PCs finish exploring the lower level. They find the area beneath the privy is cleaned by an ochre jelly and decide to leave it alone. In the room beneath the pit trap they find a basilisk, which they destroy without anyone else being turned to stone.

Dorn claims the eye of the basilisk for his quest, but in a hidden room they find a more surprising treasure: a Fellhammer! The vault also holds a suit of mithril chainmail and a +1 dagger.

The PCs go back upstairs and get everyone organized for a long rest, intending to send them home during daylight.



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