Call to Arms

The Bloody Hand, part 2

The shape of evil

After a short rest, the PCs go looking for trouble. They hear rhythmic chanting coming from the level above.

In a nearby bedroom they find Sophie, the missing girl from Glenmorrow. She’s a pretty Olivetti teenager currently very pregnant and in the early throws of labor. Anselmo is suspicious because the villagers never said she was pregnant and she’d only been missing a couple of weeks. He suspects the pregnancy is unnatural and connected to the chanting.

While the PCs argue over whether to attack the cultists or flee with the girl, an old cultist arrives with fresh water to ten the pregnant Sophie. He is unshakably fanatic, fearless, and sure of the cult’s ultimate victory. He does not resist when the PCs kill him.

While Anders stays to help Sophie the rest set off to interrupt whatever blasphemous rite is taking place upstairs.

They go up a spiral staircase that opens into the temple room on the upper level. The cult leader and 8 cultists are mid-ceremony, about to throw a Dunsaro girl named Ennis into a sacrificial well. The PCs are battered but slay all of the cultists and rescue the Ennis. (Eh-neess) Dorn takes the leader’s holy symbol, purse and keys.

Meanwhile, Sophie births a Quasit, which Anders kills and conceals. He tells Sophie that magic helped create the baby and sometimes that doesn’t work out. “Was it a girl?” She asks. “Yes.”

Reunited, Anselmo casts prayer of healing on everyone, including the girls. This probably saves Sophie’s life, as she was still bleeding.

The girls describe two groups of captives: beautiful young Olivetti girls are held upstairs and used for sex while everyone else is locked up on the lower level and used for labor and sacrifice. The PCs split up to rescue both groups. Dorn and Anselmo reunite Sophie with her friends while Dorn and Anders start exploring downstairs.

Anselmo tells Sophie and her friends to stay put while they go to rescue Ennis’ people.

Anders and Otter stumble onto a nest of 6 giant centipedes. Dorn and Anselmo find them and help finish off the bugs. They have Ennis with them.



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