Call to Arms

Rogues, Part 4


Reaching the outskirts of Felleg’Avin the PC’s stop at a tavern for the night. The waiter signals Anders that he needs to meet a contact. Slipping away alone, he enters the secret underground lair of Raker the Boneless.

Raker touches up Anders’ disguise and tells him Otter was found and is waiting nearby. First though, bad news: Finnot was found dead in the sewers and it looks like a professional job.

Anders talks to Otter and tells him that if he tells anyone Kalen attacked the slavers it will destroy a good man’s prospects and reputation and cause major damage a noble house. Otter agrees to confess to murder but leave Kalen’s name out of it.

Returning to Anselmo and Dorn, Anders makes a confession of his own: Anders Zollis does not exist and never did. Removing some of the disguise, Sova Tyron introduces herself to them honestly for the first time and tells her story.

Dorn suggests that they can save Kalen and Otter if Sova just threatens the Bloodwicks: “drop your case against me or I tell the council what Kalen’s been doing.” She can keep Otter safely confined as a possible witness. (This would satisfy Otter’s desire to face Justice and protect him from possible assassination by the Bloodwicks.)

Dorn and Anselmo don’t seem to hold the deception against her, but Anselmo is adamant that Otter not be imprisoned as killing Kalen’s men was really Kalen’s fault for dressing and acting like bandits.

Dorn and Sova don’t want to be seen entering the city, so they plan to sneak in with Raker (and Otter?) following a secret underground route. Anselmo walks to his temple alone following the normal roads.

Lady Kendal Bloodwick calls on Anselmo at the temple of Caetar. She searched for Finnot at Anders request but could not find him. Along the way she saw wall marking matching the cult symbols Anselmo showed her. Thinking it might be important, she scoured the archives of Felleg’Avin for the symbols. She thinks a cult of Malice has been operating underground (literally) in Felleg’Avin for centuries, but it was never too much of a threat. The hand-and-eye symbol is new, and started showing up on walls around the city very recently. She thinks they are meeting and recruiting. Anselmo thanks her and she leaves, vanishing in a swirl of silver mist.

NEXT TIME: Sova and Dorn in the Undercity!



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