Call to Arms

Rogues, part 3

Blood and gold

As the group heads south to Eghal, Otter is solemn and withdrawn. He confides to Anders that he feels they committed a terrible crime, Otter personally murdered seven men who came here to free slaves. He plans to turn himself in to the constabulary in Felleg’Avin. If they don’t join him, he will not implicate them to the law, but he also can’t respect them if they won’t take responsibility for what they did.

Reaching Eghal, they find a crowd worked up over news that Rookhaven has fallen to orcs. The local mercenaries demand the nobles raise a small army to take it back. Rafael Lonzo is there (having teleported or flown?) and urges caution. Better to lure the orcs out onto the plains instead of fighting them in the mountains.

When some of the crowd throw rocks at Lonzo, Dorn steps in and defends him. Anselmo and Anders stand and watch.

Anders and Anselmo meet with Chancellor Belloch and other nobles of Eghal to discuss the matter. Eghal will need to follow the decisions of the nobles in Felleg’Avin.

Privately to Anders, Belloch suggests that if they manage Otter correctly, Kalen Rustheart’s defiance of noble decree could cause enough damage to the Bloodwicks that they would drop their case against Sova.

Brother Po at the Shrine of Caetar assists Anselmo.

Anders checks his underworld contacts and hears that Otter already left for Felleg’Avin. He gets Dorn and Anselmo and they rush to overtake him.



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