Call to Arms

Into the Wilds, part 4

Skin deep

After the PCs leave the lair of the harpy Druenna, Loolaa returns and suggests the group has made an immortal enemy, though it may be centuries before Druenna returns from the fey. Loolah offers to help Dorn, seeing that at least part of his curse is fey. Dorn tells them all his story. He has dedicated his life to lifting the curse on his clanhome and asks for their aid.

Loolaa takes a hair of Dorn’s sparse beard to show the Fairy Queen. If a Fey was involved in such an epic curse the Queen should know of it. Otter is moved by the tale, for he is also cut off from his homeland, albeit by a more personal curse.

The team moves on, returning to the Purge’s base camp. In the evening they reach the village of Glenmorrow, where they find the villagers in a panic. Yesterday strangers arrived preaching hate against the Dunsaro and recruited 3 young men. Others objected and a few hours ago a scuffle ensued where 2 villagers were killed. Then they discovered 3 young women were missing.

Anselmo gets the villagers organized and the PCs head off to find the girls with Bowman the barkeep and 5 other villagers.

Bowman leads them to a ruined temple of Caetar. Otter and Ander scout the temple, which is full of cultists. The sign of the bloody handprint marks the trail to the temple and the doorway.

The PCs lay ambush at the top of a low hill. Otter sees the cultists are close to sacrificing one of the girls so he interrupts the ceremony with a sling-stone and when the cultists react he leads them back into the ambush. Ten cultists are slain.

The PCs charge the temple and confront the cult leader, who has just finished a summoning ritual. Just as Anselmo deals the fanatic a killing blow, the summoned spined devil claws its way out of the sacrificial girl. The pitched battle ends when Anselmo’s guiding bolt obliterates the abomination.

Dorn and Ander search for a trail leading to the other missing girls but find none. Anselmo purges the defiled temple. Otter searches the ruin and finds a coffer loaded with treasure. He picks the lock and secretly swipes some gold and a potion before sharing with the party.

With the villagers they burn the dead and mourn their losses.



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