Call to Arms

High Summer, Part 3

Nine-tenths of the law

The day before he leaves Felleg’Avin, Anselmo Meets with the Champion of Caetar who shows him the secret Hall of Whispers in the High Temple of Caetar. He receives a mission from his order and a speaking stone tied to the hall so he can report in even from across the sea.

After a few days of travel the group reaches the ruined town of Bloodwick. Kendal explains that since the pact with Vincseya declared the Caetari river sacred and off-limits to most boat traffic, the industry of House Bloodwick was forced to move to the city, leaving the town a shadow of what it was.

They book passage on a merchant junk named The Lucky Tern. Her captain, Bosmun, is an old hand at sea but refuses to sail until “the signs are more auspicious.” Like all mariners, he dreads the wrath of Valdame, not worth risking life and ship if she seems displeased.

His first ensign is a boy of 13 named Enoch, who takes an instant shine to Sova. He confides that many in town are excited and concerned by something Gaudey — a local fisherman — has captured in a narrow inlet on the other side of the docks. He leads them to see. Gaudey is charging 1 copper a head to view “The Amazing Hippo”, which to Dorn’s delight turns out to be a trapped hippocampus.

Sova and Kendal haggle with Gaudey and pay him 3 gold to cut off some of the creature’s mane, which is one of the items Dorn needs to save Fellhammer. Dorn proves adept in the water and wrestles the beast into submission, then carefully takes his prize. He thanks Valdame and the hippocampus for this sacrifice.

After short consideration, They decide to free the creature and after another round of haggling pay Gaudey 20 gold for its freedom. Gaudey hates being a fisherman and felt the beast was his way out, but 20 gold is a fortune or him.

After a good night’s sleep and some augury by Kendal and Anselmo, the signs are found to be favorable and the wary captain Bosun sets sail. Over the next few days they swap tales. Bosun and Enoch are the only two Olivetti on the ship (the rest of the crew is Arukite) and he has taken the boy under his wing and tried to teach him the sea. Several years ago a storm took Enoch’s family fortune, their ship and his grandfather to the bottom of Pelican Bay, but Enoch can’t bare to take up dye-making like his father has. Enoch hopes to make enough on these voyages to buy a small fishing boat and return to his grandfather’s trade.

Bosun reveals that the Lucky Tern has already been sold, so this is likely his last voyage. He worries what will become of the crew and his ensign.

As the vessel rounds the rocky point into the Sundering Sea, Anselmo’s hammer warns of danger a moment before boulders start crashing around the ship. Two cyclopes emerge from the rocky shoreline. Thinking quickly, Brother Dalca calls on Caetar and parts the water, making a path for his friends to reach the cliffs.

Dorn and Sova leap into the gap and head off the first cyclops. Dorn takes a few powerful glancing blows and nearly falls, but harpoons from the crew and Kendal’s lightning rain down and together they vanquish the monsters.



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