Call to Arms

High Summer, Part 2

The subtle art of tea

Having given the good news to a grateful Sturmfrek at Stonerim, the heroes walk back to Felleg’Avin.

Sova and Kendal bond sharing the Rite of Vesta. Kendal wonders aloud if Anselmo is still a virgin. The Vanguard are chaste while they serve.

They reach the city and sell the trade goods they found and 2 suits of dwarf-made plate armor for 3075gp.

Anselmo discusses their adventures in Rookhaven and Outermost with Talas Heamy. Talas privately warns Anselmo that the poor of Felleg’Avin are suffering, scared, and losing faith in the nobles. He hopes a military victory will raise their spirits. A few Redguard and Vanguard will be dispatched to help defend Outermost.

They discuss Malebrant, who is still active in the city but keeping his head down. They read Malice’s letter to Malebrant and speculate on who might be helping Malebrant smuggle weapons and supplies to the army at Rookhaven.

Dorn asks Talas how to send messages to Isenheim and Irongate. Ravens, runners or horses are all possible, but very expensive and unreliable over such a distance. Best to find pilgrims heading that way or go yourself. Dorn prepares letters to any Fellhammers who might be staying in those clanhomes, asking them to return and help fortify Outermost.

The temple scribes get to work making copies of the Fellhammer’s book of Caetari ritual.

Dorn trains with the Caetari and learns some ritual.

Meanwhile Sova lobbies the The Chamber of Five to pay for and provide mercenaries to defend both Stonerim and Outermost. She sets up a private tea with her grandmother Cosima Riston, Kendal and Lady Galt of Alesha. Expertly negotiating, Sova forges an agreement.

Riston will deny helping but will finance the expidition under the table. Alesha will take a stand in favor of Sova’s request and pledge some coin. They will corner Col Rustheart, who has been boasting about the might of his men but who is currently low on cash, and ask him to provide most of the warriors. For her part, Sova fronts 5000 gp of her own money (from previous adventures and the 3000gp they just got from selling the dwarven armor). She also pledges men from Clan Zolis, who owe her allegiance and who need a chance at redemption since Evard Zolis betrayed the city and joined the cult of Malice.

Plans set, Sova, Anselmo, Dorn and Kendal prepare to travel to Anneth Tarryn via Queensport. Sova’s father caution’s her to be diplomatic and give proper courtesy to the Queen. Felleg’Avin will need allies in the coming conflict.


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High Summer, Part 2

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High Summer, Part 2

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