Call to Arms

Crossroads, part 4

Three Heresies

The PC’s arrive in the Hobbit hamlet of Peat, where Raphael Lonzo is enjoying a fine spring day (which he made with Control Weather ) molding some clay from the river and passing the time with his friends Whistler (hobbit) and Haggis (a talking goat).

Lonzo is evidently mad and spends half their conversation standing on his head. He tells Anselmo, “You and Kendal have a lot in common. She spent years studying divination of all things, and still can’t see what’s right in front of her face.” Holding up the figurine he fashioned, he asks “What is this?” and nods when Otter answers “a lump of clay.”

Indeed. Learn to see a thing for what it truly is, not what you want it to be, and certainly not what others tell you it is.

He tells Dorn that he grappled with the curse of Hammerfall five years ago, but it bested him. He wishes him well, but warns against false hope.

Anselmo is frustrated by Lonzo’s evasiveness. The wizard acts as if the cult is nothing new, noting that ten years ago orcs were burning villages on the coast near Felleg’Avin, nothing has really changed. He agrees that fighting the orcs is necessary, but there will always be more. Lonzo expects that the Purge force which went to Rookhaven would meet a bad end. He chides that Anselmo doesn’t understand the problem, so how can he be part of the solution?

Just before he leaves, Lonzo gives Anselmo three heresies to investigate. “Answer these and you will know what you must do.”

1. How many races of man are there?
2. Where do goblins come from?
3. Whatever happened to Ephistea?

Dorn takes Lonzo seriously but the rest dismiss him as a lunatic. After some deliberation the PCs decide to visit Anneth Tarryn and ask Aethelred Graymantle about the spell which could save Hammerfall.



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