Call to Arms

Crossroads, part 3

Into the Woods

Kendal bids farewell to Anders and asks him to tell Otter she will help find his missing memories whenever he feels ready.

The PCs gather and set off to find Lonzo at the hamlet of Peat in Dellenshire. After they travel a few days deep into the wild wooded hills between northern Felleg’Avin and southern Dellenshire, they cross paths with the goddess Vesta and Dorn pursues her, following the trail of spring flowers that sprout wherever she steps. Otter refuses to leave the path they were following but Anselmo and Anders go after Dorn.

The goddess leads them to a thicket which has ensnared a cockatrice. Dorn cuts off its talon and now has two of the twelve components needed for the spell which he hopes will save his people. Vesta has vanished but he gives thanks to her anyway.

Anders considers the trapped cockatrice and decides to kill it with his crossbow. (Why?)

The next night an owlbear attacks while the group is getting ready to bed down. Dorn takes a powerful blow but together they slay it before it can do too much damage.

Dorn ponders why an owlbear would be in this part of the country when they are usually found close to the mountains. Two days later Dorn helps them avoid three giant boars which also seem out of place.

After getting directions from a friendly Hobbit tinker, the group finally arrives at the tiny hamlet of Peat and looks for Lonzo.



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