Call to Arms

Crossroads, part 1

Promises and Regrets

Standing over the chest of 1000 silver pieces, Nessa quips, “I suppose that’s how much Ayia’s life was worth.”

The PCs gather the treasure from the stronghold into one chest and strap it to Dorn’s back, then they all set out for Greendale (Nessa’s village) 12 miles to the south.

A few miles north of Greendale they find the party of Dunsarro captives they liberated. They were clearly overtaken by orcs, tortured and crucified on the trees lining the road. The PCs gather and burn the bodies, and Anselmo recalls the vision he had as he watched Ennis’ face wrapped in flames.

Arriving at Greendale they are confronted by a young farmer names Rius, who speak to Nessa. He feels she betrayed the village by joining the cult along with Tobin; she is not welcome here.

Nessa and Ruis had been in love, but Tobin slipped her a philter of love and Tobin took her with him when he joined the cult. The potion came from the cult, of course, and some of the other Olivetti girls had similar stories.

Anselmo promises he will send these villages some protection once they reach the Purge camp; Rius promises to die defending his home.

Two days later they arrive at the Purge camp. Otter finds a fence and buy gems with most of their gold and silver coins.

Waiting outside the Captain’s tent Anselmo and Anders overhear Kendal Bloodwick push Sunath to resurrect someone, but the cleric claims he can’t help anyone who has already been dead for weeks. Kendal delivers a letter to Anselmo: the Vanguard wants him to ask Loremaster Rafael Lonzo about the cult of the Bloody Hand.

Anders and Anselmo make their report, including their failure to protect the Dunsaro prisoners, which earns Holbrook’s ire. Anders deeply regrets his decision to send them off on their own.

Meanwhile, Dorn finds a place to rest alone a short distance outside the camp, leaving Otter to guard the Olivetti girls.



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