Call to Arms

Rogues, part 1

A raven, and Raven's kin

Knox, a raven from Rookhaven, encounters the party outside Peat, cawing “mail! mail!” But the waterproof cylinder on his leg is empty.

Otter talks to him he learns the Knox is seeking Lonzo, but by then Lonzo is long gone. The raven fled from Rookhaven when it was attacked by “flocks and flocks of orcs and goblins.” But Otter has little patience for the bird or for any notion of helping Rookhaven, (“we could go count the bodies” he offers) so he gives Knox directions to where they left Lonzo and sends him off.

The PCs go south toward Eghal, and on the second day Dorn notices obvious tracks of several wagons on the road from only yesterday and subtle human tracks shadowing them, as if scouts or bandits were tailing a caravan.

Indeed, the scouts are from a larger force, and another day’s travel down the road they find the caravan has literally circled the wagons and is under attack. On one side a group with crossbows is keeping the caravan guards pinned down while a second group of attackers prepares to charge in form the other side.

Otter sneaks in among the archers, silently backstabbing and killing seven of them. The confused archers eventually break and run.

Dorn, Anselmo and Anders intercept the swordsmen on the other side. These are fairly skilled fighters (4 Thugs with a Veteran leader) but they kill two and Dorn knocks their leader unconscious.

Victorious, the people from the caravan celebrate and thank their saviors.



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