Call to Arms

Child of Malice, Part 4

Race in the Dark

The party tries to return to the surface with the cleric of Malice they captured as the cult tries to stop them.

Evard Zollis and his brothers-in-arms Allandro and Gant politely ask Sova to leave the cleric behind. They seem surprised the party is here if they haven’t come to worship Malice. The party duels the Zollis mercs over who gets the cleric and wins handily. The mercenaries are good to their word and follow them back to the temple of Caetar.

They take a short rest, hiding in a small room. Evard mentions the leader of the cult is a man named Malebrant, and he tries to convince Sova that she’s backing the wrong side.

Moving on, the group cuts their way through a dozen goblins and 3 Spined Devils before finally reaching the streets.



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