Call to Arms

Child of Malice, Part 3

You don't belong here!

Rested and ready, the PCs and Kendal return to the Tyron catacombs. Searching the area they find a goblin arrow and Dorn picks up the goblin’s trail, which leads them deeper into the Undercity.

A squad of 12 goblins attacks and is quickly defeated. Pursuing the fleeing goblin survivors, Dorn leads the group to a large cylindrical room dropping deep below them. It can only be crossed by a narrow bridge and is guarded by 8 giant spiders. Using the narrow archway as a choke point the party destroys the spiders without getting poisoned.

After a short rest, the party follows the goblin trail and finds a large square chamber full of 20 Grimlocks worshiping with a cleric of Malice (Cult Fanatic). The capture the cleric and slay the Grimlocks.



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