Call to Arms

Child of Malice, Part 2

An Ancient Hatred

While the PCs restore some order to the desecrated crypt, Dorn notices a black cat watching them. It runs off and he sees it was waiting beneath an old religious carving from the cult of Malice. More line the hallway every 20 feet.

This leads the group to a huge tomb (20’ ceilings, over 100’ wide) belonging to Cadmus Tyron, leader of House Tyron over 500 years ago, his hatred of the Bloodwicks has turned him into a Wight. He has 12 zombies at his command, some slain members of the Caetari Redguard.

Cadmus smells the blood of his ancient rivals and demands they turn over Kendal. They defend her and destroy the undead. Sova takes bracers of protection (+1 AC) from the dust of her ancestor.

Brother Dalca blesses and re-inters the remains in the tomb. Dorn finds a way to the surface nearby, after some discussion they agree to go home and rest up before having another try at finding the cult.



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