Call to Arms

Child of Malice, Part 1

The Crypt of Diano

Anselmo meets with the Champion of Caetar and discusses the growing threat from the cult of Malice in Felleg’Avin. With the Campion and most of the Vanguard focused on plans to retake Rookhaven, it’s up to Dalca to learn what he can about the cult. (If the opposition is too strong, the Vanguard will assist.)

Dorn is comfortable in the Tyron estates, yet it’s clear everyone is repulsed by his appearance the family tries to be polite and make him welcome. They have a long history with Hammerfall. Sova enjoys her brief time back with her family and take part in a private ritual to Vesta along with her mother and sister.

The PCs meet with Kendal Bloodwick at the Fountain of the Lost Children. She is dressed for travel. Kendall confirms Sova is now safe, the Bloodwick’s have dropped their case against her with an understanding the Tyrons will do nothing to embarrass Kalen Rustheart, like reveal how Kalen ignored the orders of The Chamber of Five.

Kendall learned what she could about the captive the Grimlocks killed. He was a bricklayer who disappeared repairing the sewer. They all agree to track the Grimlocks and discover what connection they have to the cult of Malice and the bloody hand.

Exploring the Undercity, the party comes across a swarming pile of 20 giant rats. Kendall obliterates half of them with a lightning bolt, some flee and the fighters clean up the rest. The rats were swarming over 3 dead dwarves (Fellhammer clan) who were killed by arrows. One of the bodies has a hand carved horn of Caetar, which Anselmo keeps.

Still trying to track the Grimlocks, the PCs enter a catacomb and stumble on the ancient crypt of Diano Tyron, an ancestor of Sova’s from about 1500 years ago. The crypt has been defiled by 8 ghouls, and a pitched battle ensues. Sova and Anselmo are briefly paralyzed but the cleric recovers and turns the 3 remaining ghouls, who flee.



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