Call to Arms

A Spell to Save or Destroy, part 2

Twillight in the Fae Wood

The next morning, Queen Beatrice pays an informal visit to Sova and Kendal in their guest suite. She tells them how rare it is for her to be able to speak to people from abroad, let alone women her own age. She hopes they can be friends.

Meanwhile it’s clear from the behavior of Kendal and Jules that they became lovers. Sova cautions Kendal, knowing she and Jules will be going in different directions very soon, but Kendal sees it as all the more reason to seize the day.

They grab Dorn and meet up with Anselmo. Jules escorts them all in a fine carriage half-way across Estaria. Jules and Kendal say goodbye, not knowing when they will meet again.

From there Otherion Glad-wind escorts them into the fae wood. The fine old forest gradually drifts into the faewild, the shifting, magical border between worlds where the mundane and fae spheres overlap. It’s like walking in a lucid dream.

A few miles short of the elven citidel of Anneth Tarryn the party is attacked by Luthias, a henchmen of the arch-fae Lilith, who warns Dorn to abandon his quest and not tempt Lilith’s wrath. Luthias is a fae vampire, and six formerly human vampire spawn congeal from mist and attack the travelers. Otherion and Luthias duel while the others dispatch the cursed undead. Luthias warns them one last time and dissolves into a mist.



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