Call to Arms

The Legendary Hydra of Menios
Hail hydra!

Killed 2 hydras
Defeated the Legendary Hydra of Menios!!! cut off 8 heads and gave it contagion for 7 days. It retreated.

Way of the Jade Mantis, part 9
The Verdict

Within the sanctuary of the Silvalin monastery Chen Tao and Jikan — leader of the Jade Mantis and until recently his most bitter enemy — together confront the wraith of Chen Tao’s late master. Seven specters of fallen monks walk through the walls.

Chen Tao pleads with his master to suffer the presence of the Jade Mantis, to allow the arch-bishop to decide their fate. The spirit of Tai Yang, the abbot who first passed judgement on Mumyo and the Jade Mantis will not bear it. The spirits rush forward to kill them all for this sacrilege.

In a battle of kung-fu vs. ghosts it is the radiant power wielded by the Vanguard that wins the day. The spirits are sent to their rest and the monastery is liberated at last.

The next day, after cleaning up some of the worst damage and burying the dead, Anselmo and Chen Tao visit the secret audience chamber where the long silent sending stone of the Sivalin waits. They contact the archbishop in Felleg’Avin and explain the situation.

As Kendal feared, he will not tolerate even a rumor that the Caetari are working with assassins. But Anselmo is patient and convinces the archbishop that at least some of the Jade Mantis can be brought back onto the true path. Chen Tao is 1 month to convince the Jade Mantis to renounce their profession and submit to the Church and it’s bishops. Those who choose to remain assassins must renounce the Church of Caetar and leave Silvalin forever.

Way of the Jade Mantis, part 8
Enemies, Allies and Lovers

The Silvalin and Jade Mantis are closing in on the monastery. Huge Anzun (‘peaceful mountain’) and Doru (‘flow’), the smallest Jade Mantis, make an unlikely pair, but love wants what it wants. She rides on his shoulders as they talk about what they hope will be if the arch-bishop pardons the Jade Mantis and welcomes them back into the church proper.

Sova and Gessho are walking together, overhearing all this. Gessho confronts Sova. “Kiss me!” she asks. When Sova demurs Gessho explains there is no shame in Menios if women love each other, but Sova still declines. Embarrased, Gessho apologizes and avoids Sova for the rest of the journey.

Meanwile, Kendal takes Anselmo aside and cautions him. “This cannot work. You know that, right? The arch-bishop can never allow assassins in the church, the nobles of Felleg’Avin would never allow it.” Anselmo remains hopeful but Kendal has seen dire portents of their future.

Finally the monks reach the gates of the monastery. A strange wizened little man meets them and tells them the Silvalin order is about to meet its doom. He reveals himself as an Oni and blasts Chen Tao and everyone nearby with a cone of cold. From the gate six skeletal minotaurs charge as dozens of undead crawl up onto the causeway and attack.

The Silvalin monks and Jade Mantis fight side-by-side again. Brother Dalca destroys dozens of undead with the power of Caetar and drives the minotaur skeletons back through the gate. The monks and assassins surge forward and the battle for the monastery continues inside.

After pausing a few minutes to heal, Anselmo and friends pass the gate to find Jade Moon calling for help. Anzun lies broken ad the feet of a Fomorian giant, and the brute is holding Doru who seems to be unconscious. From a tall tower a wyvern flies, eager for a snack. Chen Tao, Anselmo, Sova, Dorn and Jade Moon fight valiantly to save the fallen lovers and slay the giant and his poisonous pet. A healing spell revives Doru but Anzun does not stir. Jade Moon summons her most powerful magic to bring her former enemy back to life.

There is no time to celebrate. Jikan has opened the way to the sanctuary where the final battle awaits!

Way of the Jade Mantis, part 7

As the monks close in on the monastery Chen Tao is troubled. Silvalin and Jade Mantis have arrived to swell their numbers, but one group of Silvalin never arrived. He asks Dorn to help track, and naturally Kendal, Sova and Anselmo come along.

The monks were captured by a pack of minotaurs and are tied up, waiting to be the main course in a minotaur feast. Chen Tao and friends kill all ten minotaurs and free the monks.

Way of the Jade Mantis, part 6
From the depths

The Silvalin and Jade Mantis travel together into the Range of Broken Dreams. A lone kenu trails them, sneaks up on Kendal and steals her brooch of shielding . A brief chase ensues and Chen Tao slays the kenku and recovers the brooch.

That night, as the monks camp in an old ruin a horde of troglodytes attacks, pouring up from crevasses in the ground. Hundreds of trogs are slain before they are finally driven off.

Way of the Jade Mantis, part 5
Jus ad Bellum

Bickering and suspicious, the Silvalin and Jade Mantis travel together toward their ancestral monastery. At the edge of Menios’ occupied grazing land they encounter a herd of megali: huge, aggressive elk-like herbavores. Everyone agrees the herd must be turned back before they endanger life and property, the two sides fight together to protect Menios once more.

The grazing lands give way to scrub and then the fabled bamboo forest of Menios. The Jade Mantis feel at home here but the other monks are on edge. As they travel the group is harassed by kenku who use mimicry to lure individuals away from the group so they can be ambushed. The Jade Mantis are wise to these tricks and caution Anselmo and his friends to stay close and ignore everything they hear unless they can see the speaker.

A few days later the monks climb into the foothills of the Range of Broken Dreams. Soon there will be a reckoning.

Way of the Jade Mantis, part 4

Doru is the smallest of the Jade Mantis acolytes and is just 15 years old. Chen Tao binds her hands and takes her to a nearby barn he hopes will be safe from another Jade Mantis attack. He and Anselmo’s friends light many torches in the barn to drive off shadows.

Doru prostrates herself at Chen Tao’s feet. “Revered Teacher,” she begs, “when you kill me, let me die on my feet facing the foe as a Caetari should.” Chen Tao replies “I’ll consider it,” but he has no intention of killing his prisoner.

They set watch, Sova going first. She is patrolling closely around the barn when a bird-call gets her attention. Crouching in a nearby tree is Geshho, now in civilian clothes. The Jade Mantis gestures for Sova to follow and bounds off, running along the top of a fence. Sova follows step for step, atop the fence, over a shed, finally meeting Gessho in a gazebo a few dozen yards from the barn.

Gessho tells her, “with your speed, your skills and your resolve you should have been one of us. We would have trained you and given you a name.” Sova introduces herself and tells Gessho a bit about her training in Felleg’Avin. Then she asks what this is all about. Doru’s capture is Gessho’s responsibility, and Gassho wants to take Doru’s place as the abbot’s prisoner. Sova is impressed by the Jade Mantis’ honor and honesty.

Waking Kendal, Sova explains the situation. Kendal can’t think of one reason they wouldn’t make the trade, so they do. Doru, relieved but ashamed, runs off to join her sisters while Gessho is bound. Sova stay up most of the night talking to Gessho.

Meanwhile up near Planos, Anselmo questions Jikan. She tells him all about the Jade Mantis and the events leading to the holy war. Anselmo dislikes the lack of honesty shown by Mumyo, but thinks if the Jade Mantis re-dedicate themselves to the 9 virtues there is hope of reconciliation. Jikan asks Anselmo to take her side before the abbot and insist the Way of Shadow is a true way to follow Caetar. Anselmo sleeps on it.

Come morning Chen Tao is less pleased at the exchange. Gessho tells him she knows he’s going to Jikan’s house: she assures the abbot they will find it empty when they arrive. Gessho offers to lead them to Jikan and Anselmo. The abbot disagrees. Instead he summons four of his monks, then sends one of them (Anzan) to give Jikan a message: the abbot will meet them on his terms or no deal.

The next day Jikan and Anselmo follow Anzan to an isolated sheep pasture where they meet Chen Tao and Anselmo’s friends just after noon. Gessho is released and the two groups each relate their version of events from the last few days.

Anselmo calls Jikan and Chen Tao together. He feels he cannot speak for the church, but gets Jikan to agree to submit herself to the Archbishop’s decision once they can contact him. She tells Anselmo there may be a way to contact Felleg’Avin if they can just retake the monastery …

Way of the Jade Mantis, part 3
A Walk In Shadow

“Arise, Vangard! Caetar needs you.”

Flashing back to the previous night, we follow Anselmo as Toyo, a 16 year old girl and Jade Mantis acolyte wakes him. She explains she was sent by the Prioress of Silvalin and she will lead him back to her, but they must leave now while it’s still dark. Brother Dalca wonders how she got into his room when the window is small and barred and his door is still spiked shut, but he keeps his concerns to himself for now.

Anselmo tells her he is not alone and Toyo is surprised. She is only prepared to sneak one person out of town, not many. Anselmo agrees to go with her if he can leave a letter for his friends. She tells him to go downstairs and walk directly out hte front door, she will meet him outside. As soon as he leaves, Toyo replaces his letter with an origami mantis.

Anselmo finds her waiting for him at the front door, with no clear way she could have passed him to get there. She leads him through the dark, quiet town to an open postern gate where two fresh, fast horses are waiting. They ride hard until their horses are spent, then walk till dawn.

They rest during the day. (Meanwhile Anselmo’s friends wake to find him missing and have their meeting with Anastasia.) Come evening they set off on foot following seldom-used trails through the meadowed countryside. Toyo has eyes for Anselmo, who notices her charms as well. She is warm and friendly, to the point where her teacher scolds her for talking too much. Toyo is forbidden to tell Anselmo anything about the Silvalin, however, only promising that the Prioress will give him the answers he needs.

After a long night on the road they reach a large wealthy home set in miles of sheep pasture. They give Anselmo a comfortable feather bed and several hours of sleep.

While Anselmo walks with Toyo, Master Chen and the others sleep in a barn because no inn or tavern in Menios would serve Olivetti or Arukites. The next morning they leave early, following the Chosui River. Master Chen tells them the sad tale of the Silvalin.

Mid-day Anselmo awakes and has tea with the Prioress of Silvalin, Jikan. (She is also the leader of the Jade Mantis.) Jikan asks Anselmo to walk with her to the nearby town of Planos. On the way she will tell him anything he wants to know, then she will ask for his help. If by then he does not want to help Jikan, she promises to send him back to his friends in Hellas on a boat. He agrees.

On the way Jikan tells him her side of the Silvalin story. She stresses that Mumyo gladly died to protect her disciples, had the old Abbot blessed the Way of Shadow there would have been no war. But he declared it heresy, so now Jikan and her sisters must either fight for their lives or deny what she knows to be a true faith.

As evening falls they reach the outskirts of Planos. About 20 miles downriver Chen Tao leads Anselmo’s friends up the Chosui River toward Jikan’s house. The Jade Mantis attack under strict orders not to kill, just to discourage and delay the Abbot. Under a veil of darkness they appear and vanish, striking from shadows.

Kendal and Sova are hit with essence of ether and Kendal goes down in the darkness, unseen for the rest of the melee. Dorn is surrounded and hit with so much mantis poison even his dwarven constitution succumbs. Gessho, the Jade Mantis lieutenant, makes an assassin’s strike against Chen Tao, but he is merely wounded.

Sova gets and holds Gessho’s attention. Gessho is impressed Sova’s speed and skill. This frees the abbot to attack the other disciples and help Dorn. They all try to disengage but Chen Tao knocks out one of the girls with a flurry of punches. Gessho calls for a general retreat, they try to save their fallen sister but cannot. The Jade Mantis flee across the river. Chen Tao runs over the water to face them alone, but Gessho has reinforcements waiting. She tells him, “if you wish to see the Vanguard again Chen Tao, take good care of Doru.” Then they fade into the shadows.

Way of the Jade Mantis, part 2
The Paper Mantis

Safely docked in the port of Hellas in Menios, Roan warn Sova and Knedal their names and families cannot protect them here. The Yan are deeply racist and will use any excuse to arrest them, harass them or take their property. They agree to keep a low profile.

The wharf is segregated: the Yan section is well maintained and decorated with colorful flying banners, the non-Yan side is decrepit and is where Menios processes 3-day-old fish for bait. The smell is memorable.

They try to get a room at the only tavern/boarding house on their side of the wharf. The Castaway is just as decrepit and smelly as the rest of the docks. The barkeep agrees to kick 3 patrons out of their private rooms for 5gp per room. Anselmo and his friends reluctantly agree.

Anselmo hears there is a shrine to Caetar in town and wants to visit it, but a guard stops him and insists there is no shrine open to outsiders.

Returning to their dearly bought rooms, Dorn insists they all use an iron spike to secure their doors for the night. Sova and Kendal share a room, Dorn and Anselmo each have a room little bigger than a closet. At least it’s better than another night aboard ship.

In the morning they discover Anselmo is missing. He seems to have spiked his door, though the spike was removed from the inside. The only window is barred and too narrow to crawl through. Questioning the patrons and staff they find a waitress who saw him walk out, carrying all his gear, sometime after midnight.

They search his room and Kendal discovers fresh ink spots and quill shavings on the tiny desk but no sign of a letter. Instead they find a green origami praying mantis. When Sova asks the barkeep about the mantis the man quickly leaves the tavern without a word! Infuriated, Sova finds the tavern’s strongbox and steals back every copper they paid the man.

Eventually Dorn rouses a sailor in the common room who recognizes the origami. “we found it in our friend’s room.” The sailor replies, “then your friend is dead.” An assassins guild called the Jade Mantis uses it as their calling card. Only the rich and powerful employ them.

In a rage Dorn demands someone bring him to the Jade Mantis so he can help Anselmo or pay them back for his murder. Banging the fellhammer, Dorn’s adamant plate rings like a bell and wakes the whole tavern and beyond. Panicked and remembering they are supposed to keep a low profile, Kendal hurries them all out the back door before guard arrive to arrest everyone.

After speaking with Captain Bosmun and Roan, they decide their only course is to wait a few hours until after the exchange, then seek help. They meet with Anastasia, a wealthy Yan merchant, and exchange Roan’s chest for a chest of gold. Anastasia clearly despises outsiders and treats them like dirt, but she’s good on her word. The chest contains the promised 5000 gp.

While they are counting the gold back on their ship, the town guard takes interest and questions them, looking for an excuse to seize their gold. Before things turn ugly, Master Chen Tao, monk and Abbot of Silvalin intercedes. The guards show him reverence and depart. Master Chen knows all about the Jade Mantis and was hoping to find Anselmo before they did. He agrees to lead Sove, Dorn and Kendal out of Hellas to a hideout used by the Jade Mantis in hopes that Anselmo may be there.

Way of the Jade Mantis, part 1
Across the Sundering Sea

Having secured the spell Dorn needs to save Hammerfall, The group agrees to go to Menios to secure the head of the legendary hydra said to live there. Anselmo is anxious to complete his mission for the Caetari too and make contact with the lost monks of Silvalin.

Their journey back to Queensport is peaceful, but they have difficulty finding a ship bound for Menios. A lucky meeting with their friend Captain Bosmun provides an option, but he warns Sova his new ship, the Dubious, is being used to smuggle goods into Menios. Bosmun doesn’t want to involve the high lady in any unsavory deeds, but the patron of the voyage does want to hire security to protect their cargo. Eventually they agree to get free passage both ways in return for protecting the mysterious cargo.

After a week at sea the Dubious is sailing the deeps of the Sundering Sea, far from any sight of land, when a monstrous sea serpent attacks the small sailing ship. Over 150 feet long, it coils around the vessel and begins to crush it as captain and crew rally to attack it.

Anselmo blesses himself, his friends and several crew to let them walk on water and the battle spills over the sides of the ship onto the sea. Several crew are killed and many stunned when the serpent’s body shocks them with a powerful surge of electricity. It bites a sailor in half and swallows Dorn whole! The dwarf manages to cut himself free as the creature dies. He secures another reagent for the ten’en winya n’dor.

The ship is saved but damaged and taking on water. A third of the crew is dead and they still have several hard days at sea before they sight land.


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